Message Series

Welcome to our sermon page, where you’ll find a treasure trove of inspiration, guidance, and spiritual wisdom to enrich your faith journey. At OFC Naz, we are committed to sharing the transformative power of God’s Word through our sermons, delivered by our dedicated and passionate pastors. This page is a work in progress.  What we mean by that is we will constantly be updating it as new series come out.  Please check back often to watch our services.

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At The Movies

At the Movies is an annual event at OFC Naz. This year we decorated our lobby in Super Mario Bros and invited friends and family. During the experience, we show snippets of popular films, and Pastors Jeremy and Chelsea create messages based on themes from films. It’s one of our most popular and fun series, and many look forward to it every year.

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Sermon Database

Here is a link to all our past content that is located on YouTube.  Feel Free to watch and allow God to speak to you through these services.